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Sports PR & Management


My name is Taj aka Topcat. I studied Industrial Desgin & Technology but fell in love with Graphic Design. Born & bred in London with a career history ranging from Retail sales to the Civil Service. I’m big on DIY projects from car mechanics to gardening. A disciplined cyclist, perpetual student of design, compulsive buyer of power & hand tools and now retired indoor 5 a-side legend.

It was the mid 90’s and I’d found my 1st job. Within two years I gained a promotion and built a reputation as a strong team player. I was the go to guy at work for getting things done, I’d arrange 5 a-sides after work and maintained excellent working relationships with all staff, from the cleaners to the Managing Directors. As a result my colleagues gave me the nickname Topcat, which I now use as a personal benchmark for maintaining & conducting professional relationships with colleagues and clients.


Recent awards from 3M & The British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) in consecutive years included prize money & invites to 3M’s flagship HQ in Bracknell. The BPMA, Pepagon and Marks & Spencer exhibited my concepts at trade shows in the UK & Hong Kong with additional industry press coverage. Sat nav giants TOM TOM awarded me 5th out of 147 entries just missing out on the final 4 and a trip to their Dutch headquarters.

"Generating ideas is my core strength"

With so many ideas and not enough time to execute them, I like to collaborate with other creatives if a project has business potential.

"As a fan of start ups, collaborating is a great way for creatives to achieve business success"

Work ethic

Why choose me?

Designing involves context. Creatives who have a greater knowledge of or empathy with certain contextual issues excel in creative thinking, and more often than not have a vast set of life skills. These are usually gained from numerous & diverse hobbies, past employment, culture & lifestyle.

Clients benefit from diverse & time efficient care & assistance, unlike many larger sports management agencies who have large teams to deal with individual clients.

Less time spent on design research allowing us to meet client needs sooner.

We can encourage clients to think creatively too, leading to new business opportunities for growth.

This means

Design awards

www.whitepcock.com | 2014 All rights reserved | e: info@whitepcock.com

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